As a scaleup, we at iGenius know the meaning of fast growth, but we also like to look back at where we started. We are grateful to the early adopters of our product, crystal, for their support.

Our recent decision to sunset crystal for marketing, an early version of our product, led to disappointment and a sense of betrayal from many of those early adopters. We want them to know that we heard them and want to make things right.

When crystal for marketing was made available on AppSumo in 2018, we promised updates to the product that we simply were unable to deliver. Ultimately, we had to accept that crystal for marketing failed.

Restrictions and rapid changes in social media APIs following the Cambridge Analytica scandal meant that we didn’t have the right amount of data to make the AI, and use case, work. We tried hard for months to adapt to the changes, but then we had to accept that this was an unsustainable approach.

We therefore decided to shift our focus to our enterprise line, as this is where the product could get enough data to deliver AI that works and makes an impact.

With that said, I want to apologize for failing to deliver on our promise and make amends with an updated package that I hope can repay that early days faith.

First and foremost, we have decided to put marketing connectors back into crystal, as we saw the passion the AppSumo community has for this feature. Re-establishing social media connectors may be challenging for the reasons mentioned above, but we don't rule that out entirely. In addition, we will definitely enable connectors to the likes of Salesforce, Google Analytics and Hubspot to ensure continuity of the marketing use case. Marketing connectors will be available in a year’s time.

We have then asked early adopters of crystal to choose between two options:

· Claim a full refund of the $49 paid for their lifetime license. Payments to users who chose this option were processed on 31 October 2020.

· Re-activate lifetime access to crystal in a year at most, once the marketing connectors will be available again. Users who opted for this, will have lifetime access to the crystal plan.

We are on a long-term mission to transform decision intelligence, and want to work on rebuilding trust with a community we hold close to our hearts.

Uljan Sharka

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